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In my MFC application, the first time I press F10, the shortkey works. But for the subsequent press of F10, nothing happens. I saw using debug view that pMsg->lParam contains 0x440001 for the first time. From the second time onwards pMsg->lParam contains 0x10440001.

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Show us your code pls where you implement this –  duDE Feb 11 '13 at 8:50

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F10 is treated specially by Windows. When you press F10, the focus is put into the menu and then you can use the arrow keys to navigate through the menu. This behaviour dates back to Windows 3 (or even further). Your problem is probably related to this.

Open Notepad, press F10 and then use the arrow keys, and you'll see what happens.

I've made a very simple MFC application (using Visual Studio 2010) and if I create a shortcut for the F10 key, MFC seems to takes care of everything and the F10 key fires up the command, so it's quite strange that it doesn't work in your MFC app. If I remove from the F10 from the accelerator, F10 behaves again like in Notepad.

Try replacing the F10 short cut by F11 and look if the problem goes away. If not, the cause is probably unrelated.

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