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I want to know how can I implement a date chooser in SmartGWT to show other dates for example: chinese,perisan,arabic dates. Any code or link to some site will be appreciated. I tried searching SmartGWT forum but could not find any help.

I went a step further by doing some work and managed to go one step in the front. What I did is I used a Persian calendar and set it in this method like this:

dateChooser.setData(CommonUtil.gregorianToJalali(new Date()));

But don't know how to change those other things. Please help get it working

Here is the full code:

public class DateChooserSample extends VLayout{

public DateChooserSample() {

public void init() {


    DynamicForm form = new DynamicForm();   
    final BlurbItem blurbItem = new BlurbItem();   

    final DateChooser dateChooser = new DateChooser();   
    dateChooser.setData(CommonUtil.gregorianToJalali(new Date()));

    blurbItem.setValue("Current date : " + CommonUtil.gregorianToJalali(new Date()));   
    dateChooser.addDataChangedHandler(new DataChangedHandler() {   
        public void onDataChanged(DataChangedEvent event) {   
            blurbItem.setValue("Selected date : " + CommonUtil.gregorianToJalali(dateChooser.getData()));   



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JUST FYI - ECMA Script i.e javascript i.e GWT has a bug related to gregorian dates like persian calendar related to Feb 29. – SSR Feb 14 '13 at 11:16

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