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when my function f is called with a variable I want to check if var is a pandas dataframe:

def f(var):
if var == pd.DataFrame():
    print "do stuff"

I guess the solution might be quite simple but even with

def f(var):
if var.values != None:
    print "do stuff"

I can't get it to work like expected.

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Your code says "if var is equal to an empty dataframe". What you really want is "if the type of var is equal to the type pd.DataFrame". You can check that using isinstance –  katrielalex Feb 11 '13 at 9:17

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isinstance, nothing else.

PEP8 says explicitly that isinstance is the preferred way to check types

Yes: if isinstance(obj, int):
No:  if type(obj) is type(1):

And don't even think about

if obj.__class__.__name__ = "MyInheritedClass":

isinstance handles inheritance (see Differences between isinstance() and type() in python). For example, it will tell you if a variable is a string (either str or unicode), because they derive from basestring)

if isinstance(obj, basestring):
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Use the built-in isinstance() function.

import pandas as pd

def f(var):
    if isinstance(var, pd.DataFrame):
        print "do stuff"
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