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I'm probably being dense about this but a query isn't returning the results I'm expecting...

I have two tables(entities): Properties and Landlords as follows:

Properties is made up of the fields (amongst others): Id, propertyRef and landLordsid (which is a many-to-one join to table Landlords).

Landlords is made up of the fields (amongst others): Id, landlordName and the one-to-many Collection for the join.

I want the query to return all the properties for the landlord as passed in via the Integer parameter 'landLord', e.g. if the parameter is 2 then filter for Properties.landLordsid that equals 2. This is the NamedQuery I'm currently using but it returns all properties and doesn't seem to filter.

from Properties p 
JOIN p.landLordsid l 
WHERE l.id = :landLord

Any ideas what's wrong with the query?

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Let hibernate do the joining for you:

This HQL should work:

from Properties p 
where p.landLord.id = :landLord

Note how the join is implied and that "select *" is also implied.

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Thanks for your help Bohemian. It turned out that I was passing an incorrect copy of a Map from a previous query to the application client, hence why the results didn't change!! But at least now I've learnt that a join and a select can be implied. –  Russell Martin Feb 11 '13 at 20:47
It be a clearer example to write where p.landLord = :landLord or p.landLord.id = :landLordId. Personally I prefer the former. –  carbontax Feb 12 '13 at 13:31

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