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I'm building a package that i plan to re-use in a lot of application. This package contains a "serial port manager": whatever application i'll build, i'll always need to set the comm port and the related parameters.

There's a way to have a JFrame (or a whole form?), with all the needed code, inside the package, so whenever an application needs to setup a port it calls a method in the package, and a modal form will appears?

...i hope to have been clear....

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Sure, it's possible. How can we help you? – Boris Pavlović Feb 11 '13 at 9:54
So whats the challenge you are facing ? You need help with creating package or building swing GUI ? – Apurv Feb 11 '13 at 9:54
Putting a dependency on Swing from your comms package (a general purpose library of some sort?) sounds like a bad idea. I'd suggest it should be the other way around if anything. – Ash Feb 11 '13 at 9:56
I agree with Ash! Rather just provide public methods and take required parameters. – Apurv Feb 11 '13 at 9:57
Ok, trying to explain me better. Let my CommManager Package have a SerialManager class. SerialManager have a public method called "showSerialSettings". This metod should always open a modal form with all the control needed to set the Serial Port. All the code, the "form" (whatever it will be) stay inside the CommPackage. ...continue... – Fabio Calzolari Feb 11 '13 at 15:27
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GUI example:

public class PortConfiguration extends JDialog() {
    private int baudrate;
    private String moreStuff;

    //show window, events and more
    public PortConfiguration() {
        this.setVisible( false );
        //GUI creation...

    //get configuration:
    public int getBaudrate() {}
    public String getStuff() {}

Port implementation:

public class Port {
    public Port( int baudrate, String stuff ) {
        //create, open port...

And then you can use them when needed:

PortConfiguration portGUI = new PortConfiguration();
portGUI.setVisible( true );
Port p = new Port( portGUI.getBaudrate(), portGUI.getStuff() );

About packages: You can create a main package (serialport) with a 'subpackage' dialog inside for the GUI class. The Port class would be inside the main package serialport

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This would be better suited to a modal component such as a JDialog or a JOptionPane. Both will 'block' in the sense I suspect you mean.

See How to Use Modality in Dialogs for more details.

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public class SerialPortManagerFrame extends JFrame
    private final JTextField baudRateTextField;
    // More controls here

    public SerialPortManagerFrame (int baudRate /* Other parameters here */)
        super ("Serial Port Manager");

        baudRateTextField.setText (String.valueOf (baudRate));
        // Initialize other fields here

        getContentPane.setLayout (new BorderLayout ());
        getContentPane.add (baudRateTextField, BorderLayout.NORTH);
        // Other GUI initialization here including

    public int getBaudRate ()
        return Integer.parseInt (baudRateTextField.getText ());

    // Other methods here
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