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I have two columns COl A and COl B.I want to get the element in COl A corresponding to the index of the minimum Element in Col B. I have tried to use Address() and Match() function but no success so far.Can any one tell me what will be the correct formula for this. Rgds, Softy

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Let's say this is your data, with the letter a being in cell A4.

Col A   Col B
a   hi
b   there
c   my
d   name
e   is

To look up the position of, say the 'c', in column A, the formula is like this:



Gives the result of '3', meaning that it found the letter C in the 3rd position down.

To then lookup that in column B, the formula is like this:


The index, looks in the range and picks the third one down, which is 'my'

You could combine them as well:

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You can modify the match formula to put a min() fx inside it to find the min value and lookup based on that. –  Kevin Feb 11 '13 at 10:00
MATCH would need a zero as third argument...so you can use this formula to get softy's required result =INDEX(A:A,MATCH(MIN(B:B),B:B,0)) –  barry houdini Feb 11 '13 at 10:16

Use the DBMIN() function. You'll need to look up the documentation for it, though.

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