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I would like to protect a directory and authenticate users against a mysql database. I am using lighttpd and haven't been able to find a way of doing so. Is it possible?

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You could use mod_auth, here is the relevant doc page

Since it has no direct access to a database, i would recommend using the 'htdigest' method, and regenerating the file from your database users.

the 'htdigest' format is just: "user:realm:md5(password)", as explained in the page.

Generating a file like this from a php script should be extremely simple. pseudo-code:

foreach ($users as $user) {
    // $user['md5pass'] = md5($user['password']);
    $line = sprintf("%s:%s:%s\n", $user['username'], 'protected', $user['md5pass']);
    file_put_contents('htdigest-file', $line, FILE_APPEND);

Also, from the same page, here is a sample lighttpd configuration for mod_auth:

auth.backend                   = "htdigest" 
auth.backend.htdigest.userfile = "lighttpd-htdigest.user" 

auth.require = ( "/download/" =>
                 # method must be either basic or digest
                   "method"  => "digest",
                   "realm"   => "download archiv",
                   "require" => "user=agent007|user=agent008" 
                 "/server-info" =>
                 # limit access to server information
                   "method"  => "digest",
                   "realm"   => "download archiv",
                   "require" => "valid-user" 

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Does this mean I need to run the php script every time a username/password combination has been updated to ensure the password file is in sync? Ideally I would like lighttpd to use a php script as a go between –  James Sep 26 '09 at 11:56
I think i get what you mean, (have lighttpd "run" the php script to get the data? i could be mistaken but i don't think it's possible, so that leaves updating the file when users/passwords change. –  J.C. Inacio Sep 26 '09 at 13:57

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