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My javascript code is

function addTaskSkill(form) {
    var at = form.all_skill.length -1;

    var td = form.task_skill.length -1;
    var tasks = "x";

    if(td>=0 && form.task_skill.options[0].value==skll_id){
        form.task_skill.options[0] = null;
        td = form.task_skill.length -1;

    for (td; td > -1; td--) {
        tasks = tasks + "," + form.task_skill.options[td].value + ","

    for (at; at > -1; at--) {
        if (form.all_skill.options[at].selected && tasks.indexOf("," + form.all_skill.options[at].value + ",") == -1) {
            t = form.task_skill.length
            opt = new Option(form.all_skill.options[at].text, form.all_skill.options[at].value);
            form.task_skill.options[t] = opt


function removeTaskSkill(form) {
    td = form.task_skill.length -1;

    for (td; td > -1; td--) {
        if (form.task_skill.options[td].selected) {
            form.task_skill.options[td] = null;


And My calling function is

<form action="#" method="post" name="detailFrm">
                <select name="all_skill" size="10" class="span5" multiple="multiple" >  
                    <option value="30">Apache</option>  
                    <option value="31">Microsoft IIS</option>
                    <option value="32">Tomcat</option> 
                    <option value="34">JBoss</option>   
                    <option value="35">BEA WebLogic</option>
            <td><input type="button" class="btn" value="&gt;" onclick="javascript:addTaskSkill(document.detailFrm)" />
                <br><br><input type="button" class="btn" value="&lt;"
                               onclick="javascript:removeTaskSkill(document.detailFrm)" /></td>
                <select name="task_skill" class="span5" size="10" multiple="multiple"> </select>

Here i am selecting some option from one selectbox & on clicking >> it should push to next selectbox. the error i am getting is

TypeError: form.all_skill is undefined
[Break On This Error]   

var at = form.all_skill.length -1;

I am not getting the solution for this. Please help here to get the solution. i am trying to make a listbox swapper.

Thanks in advance.

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To reference the elements of a form you can either use the form elements selection like this:

form.elements['all_skill'] // where form is: document.detailFrm

Or you use an ID:

<select name="all_skill" id="all_skill" size="10" class="span5" multiple="multiple" >

// in JS
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