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Part of my project is worker application written in C++, running on Linux. I just find out that MS doesn't provide C++ version of Windows Azure SDK. I need to access Windows Azure Storage Queue.

Is there any C++ port of SDK? Is there any chance to use SDK from other language (i.e. python, node.js)? Or the best option is to use REST API?

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Microsoft released a preview of a C++ SDK for Azure; details are available here. Source code is on Github. The currently available preview doesn't compile out-of-the-box for Linux, but the changes required to make it work are pretty minimal.

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Casablanca is preparing library for Linux/C++. Check out

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You can use Windows Azure Storage via many langueage SDK -

I think better way than REST API is to use node.js SDK like below - -

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Thanks, but I don't think that using node.js code from C++ is better way than using raw REST API (basing on others sdks source code) – Ari Feb 12 '13 at 10:34

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