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I have deployed an app on Openshift redhat cloud server. I want to use toad to remotely access my mysql database. I am new to toad and never configured it. I just want to know how can I set it up to access my openshift database? I can create ssh connection to the server using toad, but it requires password and openshift instead provides a private key file to log in to the server. Can anyone help me upon this?

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You can use port forwarding to get local access to your database. There's a good blog post on port forwarding here:

To get your database username and password, you can ssh into your app and look at the mysql-related environment variables.

$ ssh <uuid>@<appname>-<namespace>
[ ~]\> export | grep MYSQL 

You can find the ssh command listed on the app overview page in the console, under the "Want to log in to your application?" link, or by running the rhc app show command.

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Thanks. I used the steps given in the post and then used TCP settings in TOAD to connect to mysql database –  Sanks Feb 12 '13 at 6:51
It seems to be a temporary solution. I have a standalone application which connects to the remote database and needs to be distributed. How do I solve that problem? –  Mohammad Faisal Sep 17 '14 at 17:25

You'll need to use port forwarding to access the db remotely

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