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 Is there any alternate code for getting infowindow from maps v3. Previously i had v2 version code as 
`MapWidget map = new MapWidget();
InfoWindow info = map.getInfoWindow(),new InfoWindowContent("Test"));`

I cant find getInfoWindow in gwt-maps-3.8.0. Please help...

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Is it what you are looking for ?? mapWidget)

Which Opens this InfoWindow on the given map.

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Finally I got.. In Maps V2, there is no initialization for InfoWindow. Instead we are getting from map as InfoWindow info = map.getInfoWindow(); In Map V3 we have the syntax as InfoWindowOptions options = InfoWindowOptions.create(); options.setContent("Test); options.setPosition(LatLng.create(24.796708, 46.691895)); InfoWindow info = InfoWindow.create(options);;

For Details click Here.

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