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I'm loading a local HTML file into IE and expecting to receive a DocumentComplete event. It's never fired. I also tried NavigateComplete and ProgressChange but they aren't fired as well. Here is the code:

public void OnDocumentCompleted(object pdisp, ref object url)
    Console.WriteLine("DocumentCompleted fired on url {0}!", url);

var IE = new InternetExplorer();        
object Empty = 0;

IE.NavigateComplete2 += new DWebBrowserEvents2_NavigateComplete2EventHandler(e.OnNavigateComplete2);
IE.DocumentComplete += new DWebBrowserEvents2_DocumentCompleteEventHandler(e.OnDocumentCompleted);
IE.ProgressChange += new DWebBrowserEvents2_ProgressChangeEventHandler(e.OnProgressChange);

var uri = new Uri("file://c:/iframeExample.html");


If I'm browsing to a page on the web, I do receive all events. So, why they are not fired for a local page?

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