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I do have the contents of html tables stored in a database and I use jQuery to extract the data from it and place it in another table by creating JSON objects from these tables.

I get the stored table and append it to the DOM as follow:


The next step is to create my object :

var tableObject = $('# divfortable tbody tr').map(function(i) { 
    var row = {}; 
    $(this).find('td').each(function(i) { 
        var rowName = columns[i]; 
        row[rowName] = $(this).text().trim(); 
    return row; 

where I have an existing array with the relevant column names.

The next step is to upload these details to the server:

data = { id: id, tableObject: tableObject };  
dataType: 'json', 
data: $.param(data),
    error: function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) { },    
    success: function(data) { }

It works fine and I am very happy with the results but my problem is when repeating the process on another table. I want to get a new table and extract its contents in a similar fashion but I cannot get rid of the previous result. The result contains the newly loaded table plus that of the previous table and if I repeat it once again, it contains the result of all 3 tables!

It is obvious to me that I must empty all objects and DOM elements from the previous extraction but I tried different ways, to no avail. I gathered from searching the internet and this forum that you can use delete or empty to destroy the tableObject so that you can create a brand new one, but it does not do the job.

I tried the following:

delete tableObject;



in the success function, together and separately

I also used


after I created my data object

data = { id: id, tableObject: tableObject };

but in this case the script does not progress to the ajax call, but by displaying $('#divfortable) it displayed both tables!

How can I get rid of the previous result?

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there's no such thing as a "JSON object". JSON is a seralisation format – Alnitak Feb 11 '13 at 11:56
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You should be able to simply clear the current #divfortable before the second operation:

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