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Is it possible to use a MATLAB code on Scilab? Is that what is meant when saying that Scilab is a "clone" from MATLAB?

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I would not bet on it. But if your code is simple enough chances are good.

Problems are:

  • There is encrypted p-code in Matlab that Scilab will not be able to open.

  • Matlab usually comes with a number of toolboxes that might not be available to you (i think especially Simulink)

  • last but not least (i don't know about scilab) there usually are minute differences in how functions are implemented.

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I'm curios about the downvotes. Especially since the other answers clearly suggest that it is required to convert Matlab code. – bdecaf Sep 17 '15 at 10:50

There is a tool to automatically convert Matlab source to Scilab source, it's called M2SCI. A script parses the Matlab source code and replace Matlab-specific functions by Scilab ones. See the documentation of the mfile2sci function.

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