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I have a problem with a webpart called "Wiki Categories". It is greyed out when in edit mode. I have read this topic to solve the problem, and it's correct. But I need to solve this via powershell commands. I tried to do the same as I read at the topic above. So I set to the Wiki Categories site column the following:

$column.SspId = $SspId
$column.TermSetId = $TermSetId  

After that if I navigate to Site Settings > Site Columns > Wiki Categories I see that the term is used now. But the webpart still remain greyed out. I have no idea why...

Appreciate any help or guidance.

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Are those properties read/write? Typically you would set the value of a property as the new variable. Such as: $SsId = $column.SspId – Christopher Ranney Feb 11 '13 at 18:40
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I have found why the webpart remained greyed out. I just needed to use the SPField.Update method with parameter $true.

Here is the code example for those who want to resolve this issue with sharepoint powershell:

$web= Get-SPWeb
$WikiCategory = "YourCategory" 
$ColumnName = "Wiki Categories"

$session = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.TaxonomySession($site) 
$termStores = $session.TermStores

$SspId = $termStores[0].Id

function GetTermSetId($termStores) 
foreach ($termstore in $termStores[0].Groups) 
$TermSetId = $termstore.TermSets[$WikiCategory].Id 
return $TermSetId 

$TermSetId = GetTermSetId($termStores)

$contentType = $web.ContentTypes["Enterprise Wiki Page"] 
$column = $web.Fields[$ColumnName] 
$fieldLink = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldLink($column) $contentType.FieldLinks.Add($fieldLink) 

$column.SspId = $SspId 
$column.TermSetId = $TermSetId 
$column.Required = $false 
$column.EnforceUniqueValues = $false 
$column.Group = "Custom Columns" 
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It could be an error related to the MMS service. Have a look here (URL to see if it helps.

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