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I have been working on ajax for quite a while. I know about the hashtag and hashbang. Recently I have started using Code Igniter framework. Lets say I am in a page - http://domain.com/media, and there is a link called 'audio'.

When I click on this audio link, I send an ajax request, fetch the contents and display the content dynamically. But in such case the URL still remains the same (i.e.,) http://domain.com/media.

Now, is it possible to change the url to http://domain.com/media/audio when I click on the audio link and I still want to have the ajax functionality. I dont want to do it the usual way of the code-igniter (/controller/method).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If it is not possible in Code Igniter, is it possible in any other framework?

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Don't you mean domain.com/media/#/audio or domain.com/media#audio? The domain.com/media/audio looks like an apache rewrite. –  Alderis Shyti Feb 11 '13 at 15:31

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You can use the pushState to achieve this.

Here's an example of my own site using it for browsing given images; no reloading occurs. I've also added support for each gallery image and it's loaded url, so that you can share the url with anyone without problems. The fallback is that if pushState is not supported, you will simply browse as you always do.

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