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How can I take some variables and output them only to two decimal places, but leave the variables themselves unchanged?

I tried

 NumberFormat( reportData ,'0,00') 

But the numbers remained the same.

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, is the separator for thousands and 0 stands for "pad with zero", as can be read in the official documentation. Try it like this:

NumberFormat(reportData, '9.99');
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If you're in a country where the decimal separator happens to be , and not . then you should use LSNumberFormat instead. Either in conjuction with SetLocale, or specifying the locale attribute of the function. e.g.

<cfoutput>#LSNumberFormat(reportData, "0.00", "Swedish")#</cfoutput>


<cfset oldLocale = setLocale("Swedish")>
<cfoutput>#LsNumberFormat(reportData, "0.00")#</cfoutput>

Notice that in the mask attribute we're still using . as the decimal separator. This then gets mapped to whatever the Swedish decimal separator is (a comma).

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