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I'm using Symfony 2, PHPUnit 3.7.10 and PhpStorm 5.0.4

I have a class MyTestListener (implements PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener) in the namespace Acme\DemoBundle\Tests

When I call phpunit from CLI with vendor/bin/phpunit.bat -c app/ The listener work, the test is successfull.

I found this: PHPUnit, PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener, Netbeans and the PHPUnit xml config but it seems to be another problem.

But when I start the test in PhpStorm the, the listener does not load, some objects should be injected into an abstract test class, wich are null in this case. I also notices, that when I debug with a breakpoint in the MyTestListener class the debugger doesn't stop in this class, others breakpoints work fine.

the phpunit.xml entry:

       <listener class="Acme\DemoBundle\Tests\MyTestListener" file="../src/Acme/DemoBundle/Tests/MyTestListener.php">

I also try to add a empty element, it doesn't help.

In my Run/Debug Configuration of PhpStorm I specify phpunit.xml and the bootstrap file. I also add this option for the Command Line/Interpreter: -d auto_prepend_file=vendor/autoload.php

The listener configuration in phpunit.xml seems to be parsed, but not work. When I change the class name to an invalid file/class, I get an error, that the file can't open the stream. I also try to use a absolute file path or change the slashes into backslashes, nothing works.

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What a shame... I found my own error

I do all tests from CLI, but in PhpStorm only one test class, so the suite name was different and in my listener class I do the stuff only if the suite name match:

if ($suite->getName() == "db-tests") {...}

So the solution was to extends the expression to

$name = $suite->getName();
if ($name == "db-tests" || 
   strpos($name, 'Acme\DemoBundle\Tests\Database') !== false) {...}
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