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I'm very new to android programming and I coded my app in Android 2.2. But when I tried to run my app in Android 3 or higher I get an error like :


In my android 2.2 I have a method like this:

public JSONObject makeServiceCall(String url, Map<String, String> params)

which is performing the network call operations. Looking into google I found I need to move this code to AsyncTask class of doInBackground.

But I have a trouble in changing the params of doInBackground as it takes Object... varags, where my method takes two parameter String,Map<String,String>.

Are there any work around I can do inside doInBackground to call my original makeServiceCall.

Thanks in advance.

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you can use constructor of you custom AsyncTask to send multiple variable, then you don't need to send variable in execute() method. something like this:

private class MyAsyncTask extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, Boolean>{

    private String mString = null;
    Map<String, String> mMap;
    public MyAsyncTask(String s, Map<String, String> map) {
        //assign values to class fields
        this.mMap= map;
        this.mString = s;

    protected Boolean doInBackground(Void... params) {
        //access class fields here.

use it as below in your any other Activity or other class:

new MyAsyncTask(yourString, yourMap).execute(); 
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Thanks. My method returns the JSONObject. But if I follow this, this returns AsyncTask<Void, Void, Boolean> –  sriram Feb 11 '13 at 13:04
You can change it according to your requirements, Replace the Boolean to JSONObject from Class declaration, return type of the doInBackground() and the onPostExecuteMethod() receiving parameter to JSONObject. –  Adil Soomro Feb 11 '13 at 13:07

Try to use Constructor.

    new Download(str1,str2).execute();

 public class Download extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, String> {      
   ProgressDialog mProgressDialog;

    public Download(String st1,String str2) {

        String STR1 = str1;
                    String STR2 = str2;

    protected void onPreExecute() {
        mProgressDialog = ProgressDialog
                .show(context, "", "Please wait...");

    protected String doInBackground(Void... params) {
        //Call ur method use str1,str2
        return 0;


    protected void onPostExecute(String result) {


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