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So, I have a model with a custom ID, something like this:

public class SomeModel extends Model {

    public String myOwnId;

    public String someOtherField;

    public SomeModel(final String myOwnId, final String someOtherField) {
        this.myOwnId = myOwnId;
        this.someOtherField = someOtherField;


And I have a initial-data.yml file that goes like this:

  myOwnId: "someID"
  someOtherField: "some value here"

This, however, doesn't work: RuntimeException occured : Cannot load fixture initial-data.yml: org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException: could not set a field value by reflection setter of models.SomeModel.id. Any nice and simple solutions to this?

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Ok, my bad, it actually works, however, you have to extend GenericModel, not Model with your model class.

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