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I have a rectangle which should trigger an event on TouchEnter. But when I Touch the rectangle nothing happens until the longtouch is over. It looks like it is waiting to be sure there is no longtouch before the TouchEnter kicks in.

If I touch the rectangle and move slightly (so there can't be a LongTouch anymore) it triggers the event.

How can I get rid of this: "I better wait for the longTouch to be finished until I trigger the touchEnter" ?

The same happens with the TouchDown event...

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Set as high as possible in the visual tree the attached properties Stylus.IsPressAndHoldEnabled and Stylus.IsFlicksEnabled to false in xaml or in code.

These will disable most of the delay experienced when doing a touch enter and down due to the touch needing the delay to figure out what the user wants to do.

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It happened only on my Touch-Monitor. Using a Tablet it worked fine.

So I think it depends on the Hardware.

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