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Magento custom payment method not showing on front end checkout page

I am trying to create a custom payment method to connect to an external payment provider. But no mater what module I am building or using, my new payment method will not show on front end, in the checkout page. I have tried the create payment module tutorial at:
and the really great tutorial at:

The modules are built and I can see and configure them on admin panel. But the new payment option will not show on front end.

Following some tips I found on the topic I have tried:

  • Making sure that the currency is set correctly in both modules and store.
  • make sure that allowed countries are allowed in module
  • I am working with cache disabled and just to make sure flushing it every time a I change something, (either through system or directly at var/cache folder).
  • I have disabled two other modules I previously installed: CurrencyManager & Skipstep1.

I will greatly appreciate any help, as this is the only thing left for me to get my store online :), and I could not find a solution for a few days now. Thank you

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Have you found it. It works for me. On config xml you should rename mygateway to your module name. –  Flakerim Aug 12 '13 at 14:08
Hi Flakerim, thanks for the reply. I wound up re-installing a fresh Magento out of the box, and re-added my overrides and configs. After that all worked great. It is still a mystery what went wrong... –  user2061102 Aug 13 '13 at 15:14

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