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I bind a GridControl in server mode to an array of classes (List<Product>). Data is partially taken from a database, meaning that IDs are taken from the database, but then converted to names in the code (additional read-only properties).

Grid shows the names, not IDs. But when I click the grid header, I want to sort by IDs, i.e. if I click "Product Title" header, I actually want to sort by "Product ID".

How do I do that?

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You can try to sort your List.

Try following:

myDataSource.Sort((x,y) => x.ProductID.CompareTo(y.ProductID));
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Simple Solution:

Add ID column in the Grid View DataSource and Follow the links to implement sorting in the grid. There are few way to implement this. You can use Sorting also:

grid.Columns["ID"].SortOrder = ColumnSortOrder.Ascending;

Or use Custom Sorting as below:

Sorting Modes and Custom Sorting

grid.ItemsSource = your list datasource;
grid.Columns[0].SortMode = ColumnSortMode.Custom;

then handle the GridControl.CustomColumnSort Event:

private void grid_CustomColumnSort(object sender, CustomColumnSortEventArgs e) {
    e.Result = Comparer<int>.Default.Compare(e.ListSourceRowIndex1,

    e.Handled = true;

Sorting in Code
How to: Implement Custom Sorting

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Downvoter care to comment, so that other can get that what is wrong with the solution?? –  Niranjan Kala Oct 14 '14 at 6:01

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