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I am facing this unusual behavior from my Visual Studio where all of a sudden my test binaries(mytestsolution.dll) and the dependency binaries which are added in reference, are getting copied into TestResults\\Out folder from my Bin folder and starts executing from there?

This results in my tests getting failed as my GetExecutionAssembly() is giving the path of the Out Folder instead of Bin folder where some of the dependent binaries exist?

Could any one please help me how to stop this?

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Have you checked the settings for your project's build: Properties -> Build -> Output Path? –  John Willemse Feb 11 '13 at 13:43
The output path is bin folder only. The file is getting created in bin folder, but when executed from visual studio it is getting copied to test results folder and is getting executed from there –  satya Feb 11 '13 at 19:52

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Change the property Copy Local to False

  1. Right Click mytestsolution.dll and then click Properties
  2. From there change Copy Local to false
  3. Build the solution and check now.
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This is the default behavior of MSTest. After the solution compiles the testrunner copies the direct references to the TestResults\_TestRun_\Out folder. Changing the compilation settings (CopyLocal) will not impact the test run.

If you have dependencies that are required but are not in the TestRun output folder, you have a few options:

  1. Add references to these assemblies in the test assembly. Since the test runner uses reflection to determine dependencies you will need to reference a class in that assembly.

  2. Modify the current test settings and include the dependencies as deployment items.

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You can fix this behavior by disabling Deployment in the test run configuration. For example, in VS 2008: Test > Edit Test Run Configurations > Local Test Run > Deployment > Enable deployment = off.

See Test Deployment Overview for more details.

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Visual Studio 2010 creates a folder TestResults and deploys all relevant files in subdirectories with the following schema: username_computername date time.

This is the normal behavior if you don't have a .testsettings file for your solution. The .testsettings file is situated in folder Solution Items.

If you have a .testsettings file, it depends on the setting of Enable Deployment in the Deployment section. If Enable Deployment is checked, the TestResults folder will be created and filled.

enter image description here

In some cases it is possible that the TestResults folder will be created although Enable Deployment is deactivated. But in this case the folder is used only for some temporary files, not for the execution files of your tests.

For more infos see:

MSDN - Test Deployment Overview

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