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I call a javascript function that makes a click on a hidden commandButton but the click run when the page loads, not when I call the function. this is the html code :

<p:inputText id="aa" value="#{bonBonneManagedBean.sel}" onkeyup="fnc()" />
<h:commandButton id="hh" onclick="#{bonBonneManagedBean.kk()}" style="display:none"/>

and the javaScript function :

function fnc()
    length = document.getElementById('form:aa').value.length;
    if(length == 10)
        document.getElementById('form:aa').value = "";
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You should use the action attribute instead of onclick

like this

<h:commandButton id="hh" action="#{bonBonneManagedBean.kk()}" style="display:none"/>

Note that you might have to add form prefix to the selector , like this


The same would work for a commandLink or any other 'clickable' component

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Also, maybe hh isn't the generated ID for the <h:commandButton>. – Luiggi Mendoza Feb 11 '13 at 14:22

Must there be a button on this page(which I doubt, seeing as you're hiding it anyways)? You're better served using something like <p:remoteCommand/> here

Ditch the hidden button and replace with

<p:remoteCommand name="fnc" actionListener="#{bonBonneManagedBean.kk}"/>

But, if it's an absolute requirement, you can very easily emulate a button click in js with the click() method from your function you need to

  1. Change the <h:commandButton/> to a <p:commandButton/> so you can assign the button a widgetVar attribute(to guarantee the name of the element in the DOM). The widgtetVar attribute can be set on almost all primefaces components to make your life easier

  2. Using the widgetVar, just call the click() method in your function

    <p:commandButton ajax="false" widgetVar="theButton" id="hh" action="#{bonBonneManagedBean.kk()}" style="display:none"/>
    <p:inputText id="aa" widgetVar="theTextBox" value="#{bonBonneManagedBean.sel}" onkeyup="fnc()" />

    and in the function:

     function fnc(){
         length = theTextBox.value.length;
         if(length == 10){
            theTextBox.value = "";
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