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Is it possible to create new properties at Run Time in .Net

It is a Win Form app. I have many fields in this form that are populated from an XML settings file that is read in. Once the user is finished filling out these fields they click a 'save' button. This then writes all the information on the form back to the XML file as well as setting a bunch of public shared properties of a different class.

My issue is, On the form I have a Data Grid View. Each row in this data grid view needs to be a property of this different class. The user is able to add rows to this data grid and I want properties made of these newly added rows.

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you could create a data table and add columns dynamically to the table and then access these columns as and when you need to. Just an idea.. – Ric Feb 11 '13 at 14:07
Please clarify your question and be as specific as possible. Exclude your thoughts from the question, only facts. Avoid indeterminate phrases, such as add things, through the list in the places, want properties made of [...] rows etc. Right now your are risking to get closed as 'not a real question'. – Neolisk Feb 11 '13 at 14:46
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You cannot add properties to class at run-time. But you could save the properties in a datasource and use the class to read/write those properties.

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