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There is a code in Sinatra application

post '/login' do
  return_url = params[:return_url] # it's nil

The url of a page might contain return_url parameter - /my_app/login?return_url='blabla'. When I try to get it, it returns nil because there is no return_url parameter in post data.

How do I access to get params of return_url? I know I might create a hidden field and save it to it, but is there another way?

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The query string is translated into params for a GET request. Since you're referring to a POST request, I assume you already have a form on the page that will translate to params in your sinatra post action. In this case, the query string is ignored.

You can add a hidden field to the form as you suggest. You could also store the return_url in the user's session when they load the form prior to logging in. It could be something like:

enable :sessions

get '/login_form' do
  session[:return_url] = 'blahblah'

post '/login' do
  return_url = session.delete(:return_url)
  # login
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