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I looking for simple byte FiFo buffer. I have to put and get or a single byte or array. But I can put every time single byte and get array and vice versa.
Any idea or example code to help me ?

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You can use a LinkedList as a queue:

    Queue<String> qe=new LinkedList<String>();


    Iterator it=qe.iterator();

    System.out.println("Initial Size of Queue :"+qe.size());

        String iteratorValue=(String)it.next();
        System.out.println("Queue Next Value :"+iteratorValue);

    // get value and does not remove element from queue
    System.out.println("Queue peek :"+qe.peek());

    // get first value and remove that object from queue
    System.out.println("Queue poll :"+qe.poll());

    System.out.println("Final Size of Queue :"+qe.size());

If you also want to add priorities you can use a PriorityQueue

If you need it to be thread safe use ConcurrentLinkedQueue

Also, as @Leonidos says, you can use a ByteBuffer is you need low level I/O, but be careful.

Feel free to comment on the post if you need any clarifications on how to use them.

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If you do intensive I/O you better adapt ByteByffer for your needs. It works very fast and allows to write and read single byte data or byte array. ByteBuffer is tricky sometimes, be careful )

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