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I have to launch my TextUI daemon respawning on a specific tty. For that purpose I launch it from a script, like this: $set_tty $launch_app, where

  • set_tty="openvt -c1 -s -w",
  • launch_app="my_daemon 2>'$HOME'/logfile"

This way I get launched the command looking like openvt -c1 -s -w my_daemon 2>'$HOME'/logfile, which redirects to the specified logfile only the stderr from the openvt itself, but not from my daemon.

How is it supposed to redirect the openvt's callee stderr?

I tried using function:

go () { my_daemon 2>"$HOME"/logfile; }
openvt -c1 -s -w

It does not work, opentty immediately returns control spawning nothing.

I tried exec 2>>"$HOME"/logfile

I tried launching a separate script, with that function. The script failed to run via openvt, but ran OK if I launched it manually with same parameters.

What did I miss?

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One possible answer is likely a wrapper shell script, the contents of which would be responsible for spawning your daemon, and redirecting stderr to a log file you choose.

[anew@bucket ~]$ cat test.sh 
echo "Testing openvt" > /tmp/openvt-example

[anew@bucket ~]$ sudo openvt -c7 -s -w /home/anew/test.sh
[anew@bucket ~]$ cat /tmp/openvt-example
Testing openvt
[anew@bucket ~]$
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OK, I'll check that on Thursday, when I am back again to that system I have to set up. I've tried this, must have screwed up somewhere, then. Thank you! –  gluk47 Feb 11 '13 at 18:42
Thank you. I forgot to chmod +x my script. –  gluk47 Feb 14 '13 at 13:26

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