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I'm trying to render a form with action POST using play 2.10

@form(action = routes.Application.sentiment, args = 'id -> "helloform", 'method -> "POST")

The output for this is (I verified this in play console)

<form action="/sentiment" method="GET" id="helloform" method="POST">

The net effect of this in a browser is it ends up ignoring the second method attribute. What am I doing wrong? How do I override the default form method?

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@form helper determines form's method argument on the action's route, so to change it you should change route

/GET    /sentiment  controllers.Application.sentiment


/POST   /sentiment  controllers.Application.sentiment

(or vice versa) and do not declare the method in the view.

@form(action = routes.Application.sentiment, args = 'id -> "helloform")
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Now, that makes sense. Stupid of me, I assumed html generation is independent of handlers. –  Raghu Feb 12 '13 at 8:07

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