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I have a beginner question with an SVN repository under Bitnami's Subversion and a Redmine stack.

I have the following in a Linux server: opt/Subversion- opt/Redmine- opt/MYREPO

I used svadmin create MYREPO .

I can add the repository to a Redmine project in the browser administration. It accepts file:///opt/MYREPO .

I would like to work with this repository from another computer, through the Internet. (checkout, commit, etc.) How can I achieve this? What is the address of the said repository? (For example, what URL should I type in if I try to access the repository over the web?)

Thanks for the help, Sziro

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The URL will depend upon how your server is exposed to the internet, and how you are serving the repository (svnserve, svnserve via ssh, HTTP, HTTPS).

If you have not set up a server yet (it sounds like you haven't), start here. You may find it more convenient to set up a pre-built server package such as uberSVN or Subversion Edge

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I use Bitnami's Subversion Stack: I installed it with the defaults. I believe this program can function as a server. I would like to configure this. –  Sziro Feb 12 '13 at 8:17
Then you should read their documentation. If your repository is behind a firewall, you'll need to forward the ports & find out your external IP or hostname. And you really ought to use svn+ssh or HTTPS for accessing it. Speak with your server administrator. –  alroc Feb 12 '13 at 13:36
UberSVN is no longer available and supported. –  bahrep Feb 11 at 14:13

It can be found under

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