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I want to identify unique colours from an image. I use CvScalar loc = cvGet2D(img, i, j);, and to check whether the location is red or green I use CvScalar red = CvScalar.RED;. However, a boolean evaluation never returns true because my image contains shades of red. Is there any way of either modifying CvScalar so it ignores shade, or maybe fiddling with the loc variable?

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since the slightest bits in the red channel will wreck your (binary) question: 'is it green' ? you might get better results using some kind of 'distance' here.

taking the l2 norm of each the 'found' and the 'desired' color, like:

sqrt( r*r + b*b + g*g );

and thresholding the diff(to decide if it's 'close enough') might work much nicer

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OpenCV stores images in BGR format, so to get the value of the green channel you can use loc.val(1) (the second channel), and the get the red channel you can use loc.val(2). These will return numbers in the range [0, 255]. You can then compare the red and green channel pixel values to see if the pixel is more red or green.

However, a better (and faster) approach than looping through each pixel would be to:

  1. Split the image into individual red and green channels using cvSplit.
  2. Use cvCmp to compare the red and green channels, generating a binary image where the red channel is greater than the green channel.
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