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I am working on internationalizing an old MFC project and I have many thousands of hard-coded strings to move into the string table. I'm looking for a macro, add-in, or some information on creating a macro, add-in, or wizard that would allow me to semi-automate the process. I would like to be able to highlight a string, right-click and select something like "move to resource" and have the string added to the string table for the project. Something customizable would be great such that I could edit the identifier created and have the tool replace the hard-coded string in the code with a look up function (that I provide the name of). I searched for a few days and can't find anything like this. Does anyone know of a tool already in existence, or can provide some info on what VS extensiblity classes I can use to write one? I am using VS2010.


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Have you looked at http://www.lingobit.com/products/hardcoded_string_extraction.html ? This is the only product I know of that does this. It's a hairy problem because there are so many corner cases.

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Thanks @Roel! This is exactly the tool I was looking for. –  jdwieber Feb 12 '13 at 14:35

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