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Im trying to insert a number, but got some troubles.

I got this number from a different website with crawl so i think its a string, but i tried inserting as string and no results...

$ljuga_in = "INSERT INTO lplayer VALUE( now(), '{$player[$m][2]}','{$player[$m][3]}', '{$player[$m][1]}' );";

when i echo player[$m][2];

i got the next: 160.000

but this isnt 160, is 160000 and all what save me is 1, even if i put the field in data base as numeric with 15 numbers, i got 1 as result. I dont know how to fix the problem, any help would be considered.

Thanks forward!!

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What is the datatype of the second column in your database table? –  cowls Feb 11 '13 at 16:11
what is the table structure? are you using php too? –  jcho360 Feb 11 '13 at 16:15

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Does it work if you replace your string with this?

$ljuga_in = 'INSERT INTO lplayer VALUE( now(), "'.$player[$m][2].'","'.$player[$m][3].'", "'.$player[$m][1].'" )';
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Perhaps your string isn't what you thing it is: try echoing the query and see if it makes sense. Consider changing your query string to something like the following:

I assume your using php?

$ljuga_in = "INSERT INTO lplayer VALUE( now(), '".$player[$m][2]."','".$player[$m][3]."', '".$player[$m][1]."' );";

Also confirm the datatypes of the fields in your mysql table. If you try to write a string (non-numeric) to a field of datatype int, you won't get what you want saved in the table

lastly, you're query is vulnerable to mysql injection attacks... you should probably fix that

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