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I am importing products using Commerce Feeds. The products appear just fine on the front end and via Store > Products in the admin. However no products appear under Content in the admin area. I have tried clearing out the database, re-importing, re-indexing, flushing caches - nothing works.

Also this is bizarre and seemingly un-related, however I noticed it around the same time I realized my products were not appearing in the admin - there is a strange whitespace above my admin menu bar - which only appears on the Content page (also coincidently the page giving me trouble.) Whitespace above menu bar

Using Commerce Kickstart (commerce_kickstart-7.x-2.0-rc1) (Would love to upgrade to the latest release but I am unsure how to do this without losing a great deal of work. I have not found a good upgrade document - please chime in if you know something I don't!)

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Oh, before I get this question - I am importing both products and product display. I can see all of the products I have imported with the type of "product_display" when I query the node table. I just don't see them in the admin area. – Aaron Lozier Feb 11 '13 at 16:27

I feel kind of stupid now. I edited the admin/content view and saw there was a filter criteria which caused it to not display nodes of type "product_display." Evidently this is intentional behavior. I am guessing you are only supposed to manage products from within the store tab. Still wish I could figure out the cause of the phantom whitespace at the top though.

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