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I use jsoup and following code to get the HTML content of a website Document doc = Jsoup.connect(this.getUrl()).get();.

Does I get a cached version of the website? Is it possible to request a non-cached version? I knew I could set a header request. Something like:

header("Cache-control", "no-cache");  
header("Cache-store", "no-store");

But I’m not sure if that works. I just knew that these tags are used for the client browser.

It would be awesome if someone could clarify. Greetings.

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Any headers that you correctly (HTTP spec) specify will be sent to target host via, String). You should get a cached version of the page if server supports this header, end-to-end. jSoup just supplies the headers as the request it made and when I looked through the source, it does not make any explicit effort to cache off the response content.

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If I understood you correctly jsoup doesn’t cache by default, right? Greetings. – hofmeister Feb 12 '13 at 7:33
No, it does not. – bgs Feb 12 '13 at 7:47

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