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I'm using Get-EventLog to set a variable, and then setting another variable with the event ID description. I then use blat.exe to email this information to a group.

The description contains quotation marks. The quotation marks are causing blat to exit with error.

Is there a way to remove the quotes from the event.Message and replace them with a space or something?

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If the variable is a String object then you can do the following:

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If you use Powershell's built-in send-mailmessage (2.0 required), you can eliminate your dependency on blat.exe and properly handle this issue without editing the description from the event log.

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Great point. Will look into that –  Pat Feb 11 '13 at 17:15
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I actually just got it. The number of quotes and double quotes was confusing me, but this has worked and blat did not error.

$var -replace '"', ""

Those quotes are: single, double, single, comma, double, double.

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