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I'm after a spring configuration based example whereby, depending on the value of a parameter, a different function is invoked.

I've been googling 'spring function resolver' or something of that sort, but alas I can't seem to find anything online.

So basically, all functions would somehow be stored somewhere, and based on the value of this parameter, call different functions.

e.g "PameterISA" -> invoke A()

"ParameterISB" -> invoke B()


Is this easily done with Spring?


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The object-oriented way of handling this if PameterISA and PameterISB can be instances of different classes that implements a common interface, then you can use the strategy pattern:

interface Strategy {
    void doIt();

class ClassA implements Strategy {
    public void doIt() {
        // execute the code that corresponds to A()

class ClassB implements Strategy {
    public void doIt() {
        // execute the code that corresponds to B()

Now, all that you have to do is

Strategy PameterISA = new ClassA();
Strategy PameterISB = new ClassB();

// ...

Strategy strategy = // an instance of either ClassA or ClassB
strategy.doIt();    // will call the correct method.

Alternatively, if the parameter is a byte, short, char int (or their boxed counterparts), enum or (as of Java 7) String, you can use a plain old switch statement:

switch (parameter) {
    case "PameterISA":
    case "PameterISB":
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(parameter);

Finally, you can use the procedural if - else if - else pattern.

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