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I have a class called Database with an arrayList called applicants. Each record in the arrayList applicants is an arrayList of applicant details. (So Database class contains an arrayList of arrayLists).

I also have a class called GUI which contains a JTable:

String[] columnNames = {"Application number",

Object[][] data = {Database.applicants};

Whenever i compile it says: "Non static variable applicants cannot be referenced from a static context"

Any pointers on what i may need to do would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Don't use static methods and variables. –  camickr Feb 11 '13 at 16:53
I've now created an instance of class Database in my GUI class. and changed Object[][] data = {database.applicants}; It now says "incompatible types" - Would i need to convert the arrayList to a List? –  Hoggie1790 Feb 11 '13 at 17:12

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Would i need to convert the arrayList to a List?

You are trying to assign an ArrayList to an Array, so you would need to copy the data from the ArrayList to the Array.

Or another option is to create a custom TableModel that uses an ArrayList to hold the data for the model. See the section from the Swing tutorial on Creating a Table Model.

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To get rid of the error

public static List applicants ...

But that might not be what you want to do.

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try considering Vector's; they're more dynamic, and you can add rows of String[] or List to them. try this:

public class Database {

    private static Vector columnsName;
    private static Vector data;

    public static Vector getColumnsNames() {
        if (null == columnsName) {
            columnsName = new Vector();
            columnsName.add("Program Number");
            columnsName.add("Program Name");
            columnsName.add("Program Date");
        return columnsName;

    public static Vector getData() {
        if (null == data) {
        return data;

    private static void populateData() {
        data = new Vector();
        String[] firstRow = {
            "22", "Program", "Name", "12/12/2012", "yes"

then from the GUI, you can prepare the model:

        JTable table = new JTable();
        table.setModel(new DefaultTableModel(Database.getColumnsNames(), Database.getData()));
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