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Using SNMP4J, I want to set the time in a switch using the switch vendor's proprietary OID for the current time. Performing a MIB walk on the switch (as well as sniffing the SNMP traffic while setting the time with the switch's web interface) revealed the type of the parameter to be timeticks-value(3). I thought this meant i should use the TimeTicks variable type in SNMP4J. My problem is I simply cannot assign a TimeTicks object a value once created.

One of the TimeTicks constructors takes in a long argument; this constructor is not documented(!) and throws an exception because the argument is not an UnsignedInteger32 type. There is also a fromMilliseconds(long) method, which does the exact same thing: an IllegalArgumentException is thrown because the argument is not an UnsignedInteger32 type.

My question is, is it possible to set a TimeTicks value with SNMP4J?

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setting value via String also produces same IllegalArgumentException for the same reason. –  ryan0 Feb 11 '13 at 17:27

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I thought this was a type problem, but it turned out that my problem was caused by using a long value that was out of unsigned int range; it works with values greater than 0 and below 4294967296.

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