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I want to create an AbstractEntity class for id & version fields, so I don't have to declare those fields & accessors in every entity class. Something like:

public abstract class AbstractEntity {
    @Id private Object id;
    @Version private Integer version;

    public Object getId() { return id; }

public class User extends AbstractEntity {
    private String login;
    private String password;

In JPA, I could annotate AbstractEntity with @MappedSuperclass, so it won't generate an AbstractEntity table on db. How can I achieve the same behavior in OrientDB Object Database API? I don't want an AbstractEntity class in my database.

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Today there isn't an annotation for that but you've to declare the class as "Abstract" in the schema. Example:

OClass abstractEntity = db.getMetadata().getSchema().createClass("AbstractEntity");
abstractEntity.setAbstract( true );
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Thanks! I'm gonna try this. –  André Feb 12 '13 at 0:17

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