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I have a Box for Salesforce intregration app installed and it works great when a user manually adds a file to a SFDC record. I have an Apex class that creates a PDF file that needs to be linked to a SFDC record. I am able to upload the record through the box-api to an existing folder that is linked to the record. But I cannot figure out an automated way to create a folder that is linked to a SFDC record.

Did anyone find a solution to this scenario?

Thanks, Jose

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We don't currently have a public API to tag a folder such that it's linked to a Salesforce record. While we have a private API method to do so in V1, we are no longer sharing that because it will be deprecated at the end of the year. We hope to include a new version with our V2 API in the public documentation soon. Keep an eye out for it here: http://developers.box.com/

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Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately we will have to create our own solution. I was hoping to be able to use Box.com. –  Jose Chama Feb 26 '13 at 20:37

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