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I'm trying to load my pages with AJAX, the only problem I have is when I return to the index page or keep change pages couple jQuery plugins stop works. I probably need to call the plugins after AJAX load the content but I dont know exactly what I need to do.

Here is my code:


  $("a[rel*=outside]").attr( "target", "_blank" );

     //var oScrollbar = $('#scrollbar');


  var content = $('#content');  
 //pre carregando o gif  
    loading = new Image(); loading.src = '/img/103.gif';  
    $('#menu-topo a, a#menu-ajax').live('click', function( e ){  

                var tHeight = $('#wrapper').height();
                var tWidth = $('#wrapper').width();
                var posicao = $('#wrapper').position();


                $('#wrapper').prepend('<div id="carregando"></div>  <div id="imgcarregando"> <img src="/img/103.gif" style="margin:280px 0 0 0;"  alt="Carregando"/></div>');

                    'position': 'absolute',
                    'width': tWidth,
                    'height': tHeight,
                    'top': posicao.top,
                    'left': posicao.left,
                    'background': '#000',
                    'opacity': '.60',
                    'z-index': '9900',
                    'text-align': 'center'

                    'position': 'absolute',
                    'width': tWidth,
                    'height': tHeight,
                    'top': posicao.top,
                    'left': posicao.left,
                    'background': '#000 url(/img/logo_topo.png)  center 200px no-repeat',
                    'padding': '30px 0 0 0 ',
                    'opacity': '.88',
                    'z-index': '9999',
                    'text-align': 'center'

                content.html( '' );  

        var href = $( this ).attr('href');  
            url: href,  
            success: function( response ){  
                //for├žando o parser  

             var data = $('<div>'+response+'</div>').find('#content').html();  

                //apenas atrasando a troca, para mostrarmos o loading  
                window.setTimeout( function(){  
                    content.fadeOut('slow', function(){  


                         content.html( data ).fadeIn(); 

                }, 1000 );  




   function msnBox(title, text){
    $('body').append("<div id=\"facebox\"><div><h2 id=\"msnTitle\"></h2><p  id=\"msnText\"></p></div></div>");
$("#facebox div h2#msnTitle").html(title);
$("#facebox div p#msnText").html(text);
    top: 100,
    mask: {
        color: '#fff',
        loadSpeed: 200,
        opacity: 0.5
    closeOnClick: true,
    load: true

 function preload(arrayOfImages) {
    $('<img/>')[0].src = this;
    // Alternatively you could use:
    // (new Image()).src = this;

 function boxWallpapers(){

$("#home-slide-destaques").scrollable({ circular: true }).autoscroll({ autoplay: true }).navigator(".controles");          

$("ul#int-abas-discografia").tabs("div#int-conteudo-discografia > div", { effect: 'fade' });

$("ul#int-abas-integrantes").tabs("div#int-conteudo-integrantes > div", { effect: 'fade' });

$('#scrollbar').tinyscrollbar({ sizethumb: 55 });

function menuHover(){

$('#menu-topo ul li ul').hide();
$('#menu-topo ul li').hover(function(e) {

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Any errors in the JavaScript console? –  Blazemonger Feb 11 '13 at 17:51
hi @Blazemonger i dont get any error, when i navigate on the website and returns do the first page, 2 functions stops works this $('#scrollbar').tinyscrollbar({ sizethumb: 55 }); and the function menuHover(){ , the other like scrollable still works. –  Alvaro Louzada Feb 11 '13 at 17:59
If boxwallpapers and menuHover set up the plugins, it looks like your code should do what you want. –  Barmar Feb 11 '13 at 18:10
Hi @Barmar, this modification i did based on another posts here, but the menuHover dont works for nothing, i open the webpage and looks fine, i go to a secundary page and dont work, if i returno to the index page this one dont work $('#scrollbar').tinyscrollbar({ sizethumb: 55 }); i m not sure if i m doing something wrong, like i said i never did anything in ajax, and i m usign becuz i need a mp3 player –  Alvaro Louzada Feb 11 '13 at 18:15

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