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I have Rad Mask TextBox and a button. So user can enter any case into the text box. when button is clicked, I am fetching some record based on text and event I have to change the text to upper, trim and position the caret to end.

I noticed, if upper case is entered, I get all the scenario's but when lower case is entered the postion of cursor is pointed to beginning.

this is what I tried.

        txtSearch.MaskedText = txtSearch.MaskedText.ToUpperInvariant().Trim();
        txtSearch.SelectionOnFocus = SelectionOnFocus.CaretToEnd;

I really appreciate your help.

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SelectionStart has solved the requirement.

         Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() =>
            if (txtSearch.MaskedText != null)
                txtSearch.MaskedText = txtSearch.MaskedText.ToUpper();
                txtSearch.SelectionStart = txtSearch.MaskedText.Length;
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