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I am new to MATLAB . I want to solve the following double summation denoted as 'A'.

A= sigma(j=1..n)sigma(k=1..m)x1_ik((x2_ijk - x3_ij(k-1))^2)

I do not understand is that loop is the good way to solve the solution or something else. It seems Matlab does not have any built in function for double summation. What I am using for double summation:

  for i=1:10
      for j=1:10  

Thanks for the help.

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Vectorized code is often faster in Matlab. Your loop can be vectorized like this:

vec1 = 1:10;
vec2 = 1:10;

mat1 = repmat(vec1',1,length(vec2));
mat2 = repmat(vec2,length(vec1),1);

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