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in apache within the same virtual host, I have 2 paths


I want everything under app2 to be logged in a different file than the default. is this possible?

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You can separate logs in Apache based on several different criteria. Look at this page.


Add this to your httpd.conf ( I tried to add it to a virtual host conf but it didn't work)

SetEnvIf Request_URI app2/ app2-log
CustomLog "Logs/app2.log" common env=app2-log

CustomLog "Logs/access.log" common env=!app2-log

You ca use several different method to sepereate the logs. One I'm using is to filer out GoogleBots access

SetEnvIf REMOTE_ADDR googlebot-log
CustomLog "Logs/googlebot.log" common env=googlebot-log

CustomLog "Logs/access.log" common env=!googlebot-log

The problem is that I can only filter one IP at the time now but there might be a better way...

You can use these environmental variables listed here for filtering the logs http://www.zytrax.com/tech/web/env_var.htm

I would like to use the DNS instead so I can catch all with a DNS ending with googlebot.com and place them into a separate file. But I don't now how to do that yet.



I'm so stupid.. Of course my virtual host entry "didn't work" when I placed it into the wrong conf. DOH!

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