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I am getting a "Format specifier doesn't match argument type" error when trying to run my main function interactively. My code is:

(defun average(grade)
  (setq divide (/ grade 10))
  (cond ((= divide 10) "A")
        ((= divide 9) "A")
        ((= divide 8) "B")
        ((= divide 7) "C")
        ((= divide 6) "D")

(defun main(g)
 (interactive "nGrade: ") 
 (message "%d" (average g )))

Can anyone help with what I am inputing/outputing wrong? Thank you

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Not related to the question, but Emacs Lisp does not have function scoping. Your code binds divide globally. Use a let binding for divide in the body of average. – lunaryorn Feb 11 '13 at 19:03

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The error is in the format line

 (format "%d" (average g))

Wants to format an integer but you're returning a string, it should be:

 (format "%s" (average g))

As an aside, M-x ielm is useful when testing elisp.

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That worked.. thank you very much! – ola Feb 11 '13 at 18:52

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