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I'm trying to insert a number in a field of my sql database. The table is:

Create table IF NOT EXISTS LJugador(
Fecha date,
vm int,
totalpuntos int,
nom_jugador varchar(80),
FOREIGN KEY (nom_jugador) REFERENCES Jugadores(nombre),
PRIMARY KEY(Fecha, nom_jugador)

The PHP code for insert:

$ljuga_in = "INSERT INTO ljugador VALUE( now(), '{$jugadores[$m][2]}','{$jugadores[$m][3]}', '{$jugadores[$m][1]}' )";

when I do echo of $ljuga_in to see if it is being inserted correctly, I get:

INSERT INTO ljugador VALUE( now(), '4.130.000','92', 'Osman' );

You can see the number is being inserted correctly, but when I make a select query to see the information, VM has 4130 - the last three zeros are not there.

The field is int, but I have tried with numeric and double or float and nothing is working.

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Try using DECIMAL(n, p) where n is the overall number of digits and p the number of digits after the comma, so e.g. for DECIMAL(10, 2) the maximum that can be represented would be 99.999.999,99

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