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I've recently converted my scene to using a WebGLDeferredRenderer as it's easier for me to implement SSAO. However, since converting to the deferred renderer I'm unable to render THREE.Line objects. Instead, I get the following error:

THREE.Material: 'shading' parameter is undefined.

This is the code for the lines (a grid) that works fine when I'm not using a deferred renderer:

var geometry = new THREE.Geometry();
geometry.vertices.push( new THREE.Vector3( -2500, 0, 0 ) );
geometry.vertices.push( new THREE.Vector3( 2500, 0, 0 ) );

linesMaterial = new THREE.LineBasicMaterial( {color: 0xb9b9b9, linewidth: 0.1} );

for ( var i = 0; i <= 50; i ++ ) {

    var line = new THREE.Line( geometry, linesMaterial );
    line.position.z = ( i * 100 ) - 2500;
    scene.add( line );

    var line = new THREE.Line( geometry, linesMaterial );
    line.position.x = ( i * 100 ) - 2500;
    line.rotation.y = 90 * Math.PI / 180;
    scene.add( line );


I've tried adding a shading property to the THREE.LineBasicMaterial with a value such as THREE.FlatShading but I still get the same error.

The error is being reported from the THREE.Material section of the main three.js script. If it helps, I'm using a slightly customised version of three.js – http://alteredqualia.com/three/examples/js/three.max.deferredday.js

Any and all help is appreciated!


Here is a quick hack with the public version of Three.js exhibiting this problem.

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That is because lines and LineBasicMaterial are not supported (yet) with WebGLDeferredRenderer.

As a work-around, you can do this:

var geometry = new THREE.PlaneGeometry( 5000, 5000, 50, 50 );
var material = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial( { color: 0xb9b9b9, wireframe: true } );
scene.add( new THREE.Mesh( geometry, material ) );

Unfortunately material.wireframeLinewidth is not supported either.

three.js r.55

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Thanks, that's perfect! –  Robin Hawkes Feb 12 '13 at 8:58

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