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First of all i know there is similar questions on this question like this:
When and why should the Strategy Pattern be used?
But my question will be different in way that i will not post any example, i don't need definition or UML diagram of Strategy pattern nor explanation how it is working nor why to use it.

I just need answer on question WHEN to use it, and i will try to ask more concrete question.
When "standard" approach of inheritance is just not enough? The thing that confused me is principle "Separate what changes from what stays the same". One thing is that there will be always some behavior that vary cross inheritance, or there will be one task which can be done in different ways.

So is it good approach to always use Strategy pattern with inheritance and through this pattern to force encapsulating of changes?

And please don't post answer like "you don't need always to force design patterns in your code" :)

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The following is from Wikipedia:

According to the strategy pattern, the behaviors of a class should not be inherited. Instead they should be encapsulated using interfaces. As an example, consider a car class. Two possible functionalities for car are brake and accelerate. Since accelerate and brake behaviors change frequently between models, a common approach is to implement these behaviors in subclasses.

This approach has significant drawbacks: accelerate and brake behaviors must be declared in each new Car model. The work of managing these behaviors increases greatly as the number of models increases, and requires code to be duplicated across models. Additionally, it is not easy to determine the exact nature of the behavior for each model without investigating the code in each.

You would want to separate the logic of the car and the acceleration / braking because, when you want to add new ways to brake or accelerate, you would need to create a class that implements that interface instead creating a new car. The car's logic is closed and the braking / accelerating logic is open because they are interchangeable.

Plus, it is reusable, which will make your code a) easier to follow and b) much cleaner.

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When "standard" approach of inheritance is just not enough?

I think major point of strategy is answering this question. For example, lets say some entity has various kinds of behavior. For example, animal might have eat behavior, move behavior or reproduce behavior, each of those depending on type of animal. If you used inheritance, you would have problems expressing variants, where some animals have same behavior and others different behavior. Eg. their behavior doesn't fit in clean tree hierarchy. When using strategy pattern, it allows you to mix-and-match various types of behavior.

Strategy pattern also allows better implementation of Open-Closed principle. With inheritance, you cannot ensure the one overriding the class will not modify the behavior. For example by not calling base method in overriden method. With strategy pattern, you will make it clear, that you can extend behavior of the class, but not change it.

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I actually think that first you must understand the diffrence between strategy and DI What is the difference between Strategy pattern and Dependency Injection?

you want to use "strategy" when you want to swap implementation in runtime.

for example change your communication interface to to encrypted or cached.

or change you weapon from sword to mace.

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